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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: cds
  • Protocol: cds
  • Attendees:
    • als
    • cds
    • nir
    • rvh
    • sdo
  • Start: 09:45
  • End: 10:30


KLighD with Theia: Progress Report (nir)

  • KLighD is now triggered by the language server to produce a KGraph representation of the model that is open in Theia.
  • The result is transformed into an SGraph that Sprotty understands and sent back to Theia.
  • To compute the bounds of the KRendering elements, we need to know how large the KTexts will be on the client, something the server has no clue about. Thus, the server now sends a requestTextBounds action to the client to have it compute these bounds. These computed bounds are saved on KTexts to circumvent KLighD's built-in text size estimation.
  • rvh: A great feature would be to have PDF export of Sprotty diagrams.
  • KRendering must be translated to SVG on the client, which nir has so far only implemented for few elements. For the time being, the goal is to solve as many of the other big problems as possible and leave things that are simply a question of effort for later.
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