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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: rvh
  • Protocol: sdo
  • Attendees:
    • rvh
    • als
    • ssm
    • lgr
    • nre
    • sdo
    • aas
    • peu
    • cds
  • Start: 09:45
  • End: 10:45


Raceyard master project (peu)

  • the ICU logic has to be tested before using it in a real car
  • simulate behavior via simulation interface
  • the existing simulation (carmaker) software can only simulate the ICU and not the rest of the car
  • logic and hardware are separated in new implementation
  • TODOs for simulation:
    • Use simulated pins instead of real ones
    • Send to CAN bus

Ask raceyard for legacy code to test performance of SCCharts and generation of SCCharts from switch case statements

From Lustre to SCCharts (lgr)

  • second implementation: Use variables instead of signals whenever possible
  • idea: Add when operator (as syntactic sugar)
  • when operator is a mux with memory node (intra tick delay)
  • x = z when clk => x = clk? z : x
  • Pre in Lustre:
    • guarded pre transforamtion
    • clock as parameter for pre
    • preXclk = pre(x, clk) // clk is bool
  • use bottom instead of / for no value
  • add operator representation (for fby and others)
  • add view for concrete model representation to KEITH (once worked via fallback synthesis)


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