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Meeting Details

  • Moderator:
  • Minutes: aas
  • Attendees:
    • rvh
    • ssm
    • als
    • lgr
    • nre
    • cds
    • soed
  • Start: 09:34
  • End: 10:03


State-based compilation with lean-mode (ssm)

Lean-mode in simulation

  • general problem: so far no interleavings between regions in lean-mode
    but taken-transition-signaling in simulation not working as it needs concurrent region (immediate during)
    • no ordering of regions possible: there is a dependency loop because the immediate during action writes TERM signal to terminate other region
  • formerly discussed possible solution:
    • "Partielle Auswertung"
    • "final" regions that terminate when all regions on same level terminates
  • solution for now (only for lean-mode): use final region, which removes the dependency loop. The final region is detected by a dependency analysis (Region Dependency Sort).
  • rvh: good idea for extension of core language. Open question for semantics: a pause in such a state must be handled reasonably
  • ssm: prototype implementation exists. Can look into it.

KEITH diagram progess (nre)

  • Actions on diagrams now working
  • Fold / unfold regions now possible
  • Option to open new model with regions folded now working
  • Automatic fold/unfold working when navigating in text
  • Options are persisted when changing diagrams
  • Still missing: actions that are not part of synthesis options
    • example: unfold all / fold all
  • Also missing: buttons to rearrange diagram, fit diagram to screen
    • in KIELER these are added by the View, not synthesis options
  • soed: could be that there are commands already for this, anyway they should also be added as buttons in the UI
  • cds: maybe dynamically add options, e.g., when diagram gets / loses focus?
  • cds: maybe extend the synthesis options and how they are used, such that the buttons can be part of it?

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