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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: ssm
  • Protocol: lgr
  • Attendees:
    • rvh
    • ssm
    • als
    • cds
    • sdo
    • nre
    • lan
    • lgr
  • Start: 15:10
  • End: 16:25


KEITH Current Status (sdo)

  • The compilation buttons are now removed
  • In the top of the task bar are two buttons that help with finding the current commands for simulation
    • The two buttons are kept because it facilates user story (typos, typing takes too long)
  • In Kieler the simulation button is in the diagram view in order to allow simulation of intermediate results
    • This might be also be a nice feature for KEITH, simulation of intermediate results is supposed to be supported some time in the future
    • Problem: Button on View only has access on the svg, not the model but there are ways to extract this
    • Use the compilation view in order to imply the current model
  • Maybe show progress of compilation just like visual studio latex extension?


  • Solve stability issues
    • reloading causes some language server services to be lost
  • Take KEITH to master version
  • Continue improving user work flow
  • Make everthing Mac ready

General Note: Formatting for SCCharts should use Tabs with size 2

Extraction of State Machines from C++ (lan)

  • Other example: A class with an evaluate() function for state representation is harder to parse, so Ardumower example is chosen for further regards
  • Problem: some declarations are in the header file and some are in the source file
  • Some tags in the code are implemented to locate important code elements
    • state transition tag
      • maybe not needed either? It could be determined through use of current state variable 
    • switch tag for state behavior
    • enum statement for states declaration
    • variables that save the state
      • Needed in order to determine the initial state
      • Could also be identified through the switch statement, and should be!
  • Tags should be placed above methods
  • Currently: no trigger on transitions
    • Drawing a transition for each state change really expands the model and renders it hardly readable
      • each transitions shows a potenitally call of the set state function
    • Some functions may potentially change the state and such call may cause a lot of transitions
    • The approach should be to allow a dynamic filtering of the model so all transitions are shown or just one in between each state
    • functions can override the current state, thus evaluating the trigger may be cumbersome because under certain circumstances the state may change again
    • Also variant: Only state changes that are performed only within the switch statement → this definitely does not illustrate the complete and correct function of the state machine!
    • Good representation: Do not show a transition for each possible state change but bundle them and show reachable state with single transition
      • Remove priorities label
    • Force based representation does not improve layout: Seems to be broken? Make it work? What about other layout approaches?
  • Maybe highlight transitions for currently selected state so transition directions can be determined
  • What about bidirectional arrows? Could simplify the overall result
  • Next focus is on the other example that has a more consistent approach to the state machine modeling
  • Annotations can be used to specify approach, but that is a technical detail and is not a focus right now

General Note: Add Radio Button to enable no labels 

Timeline (ssm)

We now have a really nice image of all the paper, surveys, thesis and releases from 2016 to today! Yay (smile) 

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