Git and Gitorious

Git is the version control system we're using at our group. Our  Gitorious system is the front end we're using to manage the numerous different Git repositories, which are organized into projects. See Git/Structure for details on this.

For general documentation on Git see the  official documentation page. The SVN Crash Course is probably a good reference to start with, more in-depth information is found in the  Git Community Book or the  Pro Git online book. For documentation on the Eclipse Git integration see the  EGit user guide. The  Git pages in our KIELER wiki also provide some info.


  • Remember: Git is a system to control source-files. So do not put any generated files (object files, .class, generated C-code) into the repository.
  • As character encoding is a hassle every svn user is strongly advised not to use german special characters such as äüöß in filenames.
  • As windows is case-insensitive please make sure that all filenames are unique wrt. case-sensitivity, ie. do not check in file.pdf and File.pdf in the same directory
  • Furthermore windows' ability to handle special characters in filenames are quite limited so please do not use uncommon characters in filenames such as $&?*... They have special meanings under different operating systems