The strl2kasm Compiler extends the Columbia Esterel Compiler , in order to generate KEP assembler from Esterel files. The source files are in the KEP repository: <tt>Compiler/kepcmp/</tt>


The compiler has been tested under Linux and Windows with Cygwin. For the installation under Windows, you need Cygwin with the packages make and gcc.

In order to install it: # 1. Install CEC version ## 1. Download and unpack it with <tt>tar zxvf cec-0.4.tar.gz</tt> ## 2. execute <tt>configure; make; make install</tt> This should generate the cec files in /usr/local/bin # 2. copy the strl2kasm sources in parallel to the CEC # 3. put the correct path to the CEC (should be ../cec-0.4) in the Makefile # 4. execute make # 5. Copy the generated files <tt>cec-astkep</tt>, <tt>cec-kepdismantle</tt>, <tt>cec-kepdot</tt>, <tt>cec-xmlkasm</tt> to /usr/local/bin/

In the KEP repository Misc/scripts, is the script <tt>strl2kasm</tt>, which can be used as a wrapper. You might have to adjust the path at the beginning of the script, to point to the installation path of the cec. Thereafter, copy the script to /usr/local/bin.