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The following table depicts a detailed comparison of the graphical representation between the KIELER SyncCharts Editor and the Yakindu SCT Editor.


YAKINDU: There is only one type for transitions

KIELER: Strong Abort, Week Abort, Normal Termination
Composite State 
Initial State

YAKINDU: Initials State are pseudo states. The Initial State may not be a Composite State. An initial state can only have one outgoing transition and no incoming.

KIELER: Initial states are supposed to have a thicker border than normal states

Final State

YAKINDU: Final States are pseudo states. The Final State may not be a Composite State

KIELER: Final states are depicted with a double border



  • Shallow History: is a pseudo state. It is placed inside a region of a composite state.
  • Deep History:  is similar to shallow history. With a deep history the latest state of multiple nested states is remembered.-

KIELER: A History is a attribute of a Transition


YAKINDU: Synchronization is a pseudo state.

KIELER: Synchronization not needed in KIELER

    • No interlevel transitions
    • Closest construct: normal termination
Interface declaration
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