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We maintain a publicly reachable KIELER Web Service Server. However, using the public server that is provided by the KIELER project may introduce a significant latency to the layout process, depending on the size and structure of the models you are using and the type of internet connection you have. Another aspect is confidentiality. You may not want to send your models to a public server, even if the connection is being secured by HTTPS. For these reasons you may want to set up your own server that is providing layout in your internal network. In the following we will take a look at what it takes to set up the server in your environment and how you can configure it to your needs.

Demo Server

The HTTP Server also provides a web frontend where you can try the layout service 'live' and further information on the provided layout for both the HTTP- and SOAP- based layout.

Setting up You

You can easily download the provided binaries and set up your own server, a detailed explanation is given here.

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