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The Eclipse Layout Kernel (ELK) is the official Eclipse project our layout technology will move to. As part of the move, expect changes in these areas:

  • Plugin names
  • Extension point names
  • Package names
  • Plugin structure
  • KGraph meta model

To make migration easier for everyone, this page is intended to track all changes.

  • The classes formerly provided by de.cau.cs.kieler.core are now to be found in org.eclipse.elk.core, with the following exceptions:
    • The package was moved to the .graph plugin.
    • ForwardingInputStream was moved to the ...graphviz.layouter plugin.
    • ForkedOutputStream was moved to the ...graphviz.layouter plugin.
  • All pre-defined layout types now have the ID org.eclipse.elk.type.XXX
  • All pre-defined diagram types now have the ID org.eclipse.elk.diagram.XXX
  • All pre-defined layout options now have the ID org.eclipse.elk.XXX (except for options defined by specific layout algorithms, which have the ID org.eclipse.elk.ALGORITHM.XXX)
    • de.cau.cs.kieler.klay.layered.portAnchor is now org.eclipse.elk.portAnchor instead of org.eclipse.elk.layered.portAnchor
  • All pre-defined layout algorithms now have the ID org.eclipse.elk.algorithm.XXX


  • IKielerProgressMonitor -> IElkProgressMonitor

  • ILayoutConfig -> LayoutConfigurator

  • IVolatileLayoutConfig

    • use LayoutConfigurator

    • to set global options

      IVolatileLayoutConfig#setValue(prop, value)
      LayoutConfigurator#configure(KGraphElement.class).setProperty(prop, value)
  • IDiagramLayoutManager -> IDiagramLayoutConnector
  • LayoutManagerService -> LayoutConnectorsService

  • LayoutListeners:

    DiagramLayoutEngine.INSTANCE.addLayoutTerminatedListener(new DiagramLayoutEngine.ILayoutTerminatedListener() {       
    LayoutConnectorsService.getInstance().addLayoutListener(new ILayoutListener() {
  • KimlUtil.loadDataElements(...) -> GraphDataUtil.loadDataElements(...)

Perhaps of lesser interest:

  • We now depend on Google Guava 15 instead of 10.


For the moment, see this confluence question.

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