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Legacy Project

KAOM is not maintained anymore and hence not part of any KIELER release.

Project Overview


The Ptolemy II project is developed at the EECS department, University of California at Berkeley, and studies modeling, simulation, and design of concurrent, real-time, embedded systems. The focus is on assembly of concurrent components. The key underlying principle in the project is the use of well-defined models of computation that govern the interaction between components. A major problem area being addressed is the use of heterogeneous mixtures of models of computation. The KAOM project features an integration of Ptolemy models in the Eclipse environment. Models can be imported from the MoML format using a wizard.

Import Ptolemy models

File → Import... → KIELER → Ptolemy2 Models

The KARMA tool is used to enable Ptolemy-specific rendering that largely conforms to the way how models are displayed in Vergil, the Java application shipped with Ptolemy for viewing and editing models. The screenshot below shows the Brock-Ackermann demonstration model from the Process Networks domain as visualized in KIELER. Note that it is possible to display the content of composite actors directly inside their context, enabling much better overview of the overall system.

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