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  • WWW Maintenance: To get write-access to our website (that is, to the Typo3 content management system), please ask the system administrator to request this from the webmaster.
  • Personal Homepage: You should create a personal homepage, following the layout of the other personal homepages. After doing that, you should contact the secretary, who will link in your page from the Kontakt/Contact page accordingly.
  • Drivers Licence: You should get a Landesführerschein Landesfahrerlaubnis, which permits you to drive a CAU vehicle (eg, for excursions). Contact the secretary for this.
  • Parking: If you want to park on the CAU campus, you need a "Parkmarke". Contact the secretary for this.
  • Publications: To list your publications correctly, you need to add your name to /home/biblio/bib/ on the aeon server.