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Demonstrators are editors we use to test and demonstrate the technologies developed in the other three areas.

ThinKCharts is KIELER's SyncCharts editor. It is used to test a lot of the ideas in the Pragmatics area. Through our simulation components, SyncCharts can also be executed, with current states highlighted in the editor.

KGraph Text is a textual language for specifying KGraphs, the data structure used in KIELER to represent graphs. It includes a text editor and a visualization based on Lightweight Diagrams (KLighD) that help visualize what you're writing.

Our Ptolemy Visualization opens Ptolemy models and displays them using Lightweight Diagrams (KLighD). It serves as a complex demonstration for using KLighD to display complex models, but also serves as a potent browser for Ptolemy models. One of the main features is the ability to see different levels of hierarchy at once in the same diagram.

Example Management (KEX) provides example models that can directly be opened and studied.

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