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This project is offered as bachelor project as well as master project


Welcome to the Confluence Wiki of the Pinball Project. What this Wiki is all about:

  • It's the place where we post important information on the project, such as due dates and similar information.
  • It's also the place where we post tutorials. You will spend the first part of the project working through the tutorials before starting your individual projects.
  • And finally, it's the place where each group will document their project.

About the Pinball Project

This project uses model-based-design and the synchronous approach to crate an embedded real-time autopilot for a pinball machine. Development of this project is done in a model-based-design, using SCCharts, which merges control flow (Statecharts) and data flow.

This project is done in a practical laboratory course at the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel in the Department of Computer Science within the Real-Time and Embedded Systems Group.

Contact us:

The project is supervised by the following university staff. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the project.

Important Dates

23.10.19 - 12:20 Uhr

R1114/1115, CAP4

Kick-Off Meeting

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