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This is a list of our mailing lists. Subscribe to the ones relevant for you to be notified of stuff. None of these lists have much traffic. Everyone subscribed to these lists can post to them; all other mails are sent to the list administrators. Basically, everyone is responsible for subscribing to and unsubscribing from the relevant lists. When subscribing, the IfI mail address should be used for everything except the rt-alumni list. If the IfI account is not used, please provide your name as well when subscribing.

Teaching Lists

rt-vorlThe current semester's advanced lecture. Not really in use anymore.
rt-prakThe current semester's practical, if practical.
rt-semThe current semester's seminar, if any.
rt-osemThe current semester's Oberseminar. Not really in use anymore.

Group Lists

rt-allList for everyone that works at our group as well as students advised by a group member. Everyone subscribed to rt-ma should also subscribe to this list.
rt-maList for senior group staff.

List for everyone who wants to keep in touch with our group after graduation. Invitations to our legendary christmas parties or to the yearly group trip are sent over this list. Also, everyone is invited to share news about him-/herself here.

rt-bierList for everyone interested in particularly interesting invitation mails (besonders interessante Einladungs-Rundmails). Includes eg. announcement for celebrations of some sorts, such as somebody submitting a thesis. Members from rt-all or rt-alumni and friends of the RTSYS-group are welcome to subscribe here.

Development Lists

rt-kielerAnnouncements of the KIELER project for interested users. Mainly release announcements.
rt-kieler-develInformation such as meeting announcements for KIELER developers. Every KIELER developer must subscribe to this list!
rt-sc-sjAnnouncements of the Synchronous C and Java project. Mainly announcements and news updates.
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