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All download packages available on this page are subject to the Eclipse Public License (EPL). Further licenses may apply to bundled components as noted at the bottom of this page.

Standalone Applications

SCCharts Editor and Compiler

The KIELER SCCharts Product includes the SCCharts editor and compiler. You may also like to download an SCCharts Tutorial or the SCCharts Cheat Sheet.

Release 0.12.2

KIELER SCCharts Product v. 0.12.2 (2017-09-06, based on Eclipse 4.6 Neon). Available platforms:

Nightly Builds

Ptolemy Browser

The KIELER Ptolemy Browser is a special light-weight stand-alone distribution of our Ptolemy Browser feature. Simply download the version appropriate to your platform and start browsing!


KIELER Ptolemy Browser v. 2016-02. Download from here!

Nightly Builds

Layout Web Server

Headless Eclipse application for running a web server for the KIELER graph layout service. The server includes the KIELER layoutersGraphviz, and OGDF. A nightly built version of the server is running its service at (see generated info page).


KWebS Sever v. 0.3.0 (53 MB). Available platforms:

Nightly Build

Web Service Tool (Command-Line)

Command-line tool for graph layout using the KIELER graph layout service. Use the help command-line argument for usage information. Service meta-data information, including a list of algorithms, options, and file formats, are available at If unambiguous, it is sufficient to write only the last segment of layout option, algorithm, and file format identifiers.

Example usage: To send the file to the server and write the result to kennedyanc_out.svg, use the following command:

 java -jar kwebs.jar outfile=kennedyanc_out.svg

In this case the input file format is automatically recognized as Graphviz Dot and the output file format is recognized as SVG from the file extensions. If you only need graph format conversion without layout, use the option --noLayout.

The package can also be used as a Java class library: use to create a layout service port. For example, to request layout on the graph "graph" at the server address "server", use:

 ConsoleClient.connect(server).graphLayout(graph, informat, outformat, options);

The strings "informat" and "outformat" are the graph format identifiers for input and output, respectively, and "options" is a list of "GraphLayoutOption" instances, which are used to map layout option identifiers to specific values (use Collections.emptyList() for default values). The output graph format may be null, in which case the output format is the same as the input format.


Eclipse Update Sites

Pragmatics Update Site

Install the KIELER features into your own Eclipse installation.


Nightly Build

Semantics Update Site

Install nightly builds of the KIELER features into your own Eclipse 4.3 installation.


Nightly Build

OpenKieler Update Site

Install the OpenKieler features into your own Eclipse 4.3 installation. OpenKieler only has a nightly build that is usually based on the latest Pragmatics release.

Nightly Build


Layout Algorithms

Java class library for automatic graph layout. Contains algorithms from the KLay project, which use the KGraph data structure as interface. The algorithms can be built into any Java program in order to calculate nice two-dimensional layouts of graph-like structures. Ptolemy is an example of such a Java program where KLay has been integrated for automatic layout of actor diagrams.


KlayJS is a JavaScript port of our KLay Layered layout algorithm. See the documentation on the GitHub pages for information how to get and use the library.

OpenKieler on GitHub

Nightly Build

Source Code

Clone our Git Repositories on Stash for direct source code access.


KIELER software is made available under the Eclipse Public License, except for some integrated third-party components. KIELER can be used independently from OGDF, Libavoid, and Ptolemy, but depends on the Google Guava library.



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