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KIELER SCCharts Release 1.0

We are happy to provide a new release of the Kiel Integrated Environment for Layout Eclipse Rich Client SCCharts Editor and Compiler!


You can either download the Rich Client Application (RCA) which is a self-contained application bundled with everything you need to run KIELER SCCharts, or you can install the single KIELER SCCharts features via an update site on top of your own Eclipse installation.

  • You'll require a Java Runtime Environment >= version 1.8.
  • The layout components of the Eclipse Layout Kernel can make use of the layout algorithms provided by the Graphviz library. You may want to install that as well.


Release Notes

See What's New in Version 1.0? for a detailed list of new features.

Known Problems and Limitations

Unable to resolve plugin

Due to the replacement of various plugins using an existing eclipse workspace can cause errors in deleted plugins if related views were previously opened.
For example if the KIELER Compiler Selection view was opened in the workspace of the previous version, then this view will have a red square as icon and the error log will show an entry: Unable to resolve plug-in "platform:/plugin/de.cau.cs.kieler.kico.ui/icons/KiCoViewIcon.png". This problem can easily be solved by closing the no longer available view. In this example the new KIELER Compiler view should be opened, which replaces the functionality of the old view.

Estrel Compiler does not work on Mac OSX

Due to an error or API restriction in Java, KIELER currently cannot set the executable flag on the Esterel compiler binaries under Mac OSX. As a result the compilation fails. If you inspect the log (second intermediate result of the Esterel compiler processor) you should see that there is an "Permission denied" error, otherwise your situation does not match this problem.
As this problem will be fixed in a future bugfix release, there is currently only a manual workaround.

Move to the compiler directory:

cd <your installation directory>/

Then set the executable flag on all files in the bin folder:

chmod +x *

Repeat the same for the xes file in the lib folder:

cd ../lib/
chmod +x xes

Bug Reports, Comments

We're working hard to make the graphical modeling user experience as convenient as possible. However, bugs can still remain in the code and some things might not be as you would expect them. Please don't hesitate to send in bug reports or give other comments like feature requests.

Use our Bugtracker file bug reports. For news or general questions subscribe to the rt-kieler mailing list.

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