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This part of the Wiki contains the release notes for all releases that are part of the KIELER project. There are three main release categories: old KIELER releases that released everything in a big package, KIELER Pragmatics releases, and KIELER Semantics releases.

KIELER Pragmatics Releases

The KIELER Pragmatics project has produced the following releases:

VersionRelease Date

Release Notes

KIELER Pragmatics 2021/06June 15th, 2021Release notes

KIELER Pragmatics 2020/09

September 30th, 2020Release notes
KIELER Pragmatics 2020/03March 30th, 2020Release notes
KIELER Pragmatics 2017/02February 21th, 2017Release notes
KIELER Pragmatics 2016/07July 21th, 2016Release notes
KIELER Pragmatics 2016/02February 16th, 2016Release notes
KIELER Pragmatics 2015/06July 1st, 2015Release notes
KIELER Pragmatics 2015/02February 26th, 2015Release notes
KIELER Pragmatics 2014/12December 22nd, 2014Release notes
KIELER Pragmatics 2014/10October 13th, 2014Release notes
KIELER Pragmatics 2014/05May 27th, 2014Release notes
KIELER Pragmatics 0.11.0December 19th, 2013Release notes
KIELER Pragmatics 0.10.0November 8th, 2013Release notes
KIELER Pragmatics 0.9.0August 16th, 2013

Release notes

The downloads for the projects of older Pragmatics releases can be found on the Download page.

KIELER SCCharts Releases

The KIELER SCCharts project has produced the following releases:

VersionRelease DateRelease NotesDownload
KIELER SCCharts 1.2.xJuly 5th, 2021Release notesDownload
KIELER SCCharts 1.1.xApril 3rd, 2020Release notesDownload
KIELER SCCharts 1.0.0April 15th, 2019Release notesDownload
KIELER SCCharts 0.13.xSeptember 12th, 2018Release notesDownload
KIELER SCCharts 0.12.xApril 25th, 2017Release notesDownload
KIELER SCCharts 0.11.0Mai 24th, 2016Release notes


KIELER SCCharts 0.10.0August 20th, 2014Release notesDownload

Old KIELER Releases

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