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titleImportant Notice

Please note that KIELER Lightweight Diagrams (KLighD) in its entirety, as well as the KGraph language, are not no longer included in this release. Both can be found in our official Kieler Lightweight Diagrams GitHub projecthenceforth be found on GitHub.


KIELER Pragmatics 2020/03 is provided as a set of features, available to be added to your Eclipse installation via an update site. KIELER Pragmatics 2020/03 was tested on Eclipse 2020-03, but may also be compatible with other versions of Eclipse.

  • See the KIELER Downloads site for download details.
  • KIELER Pragmatics requires an installed Java Runtime Environment >= version 1.8.
  • The layout components of the Eclipse Layout Kernel can make use of the layout algorithms provided by the Graphviz library, which must be downloaded and installed separately. You may want to install that as welldo so.

Release Notes and Highlights

You can find a list of the closed tickets for this release at our issue tracking system. Release notes of older releases can be found at our Release Notes page.

TODO Integrate release notes as a list of tickets directly from Jira? SCCharts do that, seems good to me.

Major changes

KLighD has now moved out of the KIELER Pragmatics Project and is now a standalone project hosted on GitHub and had a first release there. For more information on that, visit the official KLighD GitHub page.


  • UML Sequence Diagram Editor (I don't think this was ever released properly?)
  • KIELER Editor for Graphs (KEG)
  • remaining Remaining KLay parts (These were only dev plug-ins)
  • KIELER Ptolemy Browser (Was moved to GitHub)
  • KWebS
  • Graphs Hierarchical Views (Only dev plug-ins?)
  • Kaot, kgtee, moml, sccharts Formats (Only dev plug-ins?)
  • Piccolo Mirror
  • All Remaining Tests (Have never been released)

With the major part of KLighD being moved and discontinuing a lot of smaller projects, an interesting point is to look at what is left the Pragmatics project:

  • Layout Configuration DSL
  • Formats Plugins plug-ins to convert between graph formats
  • Graph Analysis
  • Syntheses and supporting code for graph structuresLayout using OGDF
  • OGDF mirror
  • GraphML mirror
  • Solvers for optimization problems regarding layout
  • Graph generator for test caseslayout support

Known Problems and Limitations