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  • Mailing Lists: As described here, you should subscribe to rt-all and KIELER developers are also required to subscribe to rt-kieler-devel.
  • Git: To get access to our Git repositories on Bitbucket you need to be listed as a Bitbucket user by any memeber of the group.
  • SSH: If you do not already have an SSH key, you should generate one to get access to some of the systems you'll be working with. Also upload this key to Bitbucket to enable ssh access to git repositories.

    titleGenerating an SSH key...

    An SSH-Key is a key pair for use in asymmetric cryptosystems. It can be generated with the program ssh-keygen, see man ssh-keygen for more details.

    The filename prompt for the key can be skipped with return. The passphrase is a symmetric key that is used to encrypt your secret key; if you write something there, you have to enter that same password every time you use your key, e.g. when you log in with ssh on a machine where the key is needed. The file .ssh/id_dsa is your secret key, you must never give this file to anyone else. .ssh/ is your public key, this is the one you can give to others so it can be used for cryptography.

  • WWW: To further familiarize yourself with the group's activities and processes, you should surf and read the group's website and wiki. In particular, there is further advice if you write a thesis or if you prepare a paper for publication.
  • LaTeX: The group uses the kcss style for publications and theses.
  • KIELER: If you are working in the KIELER project, see the project website and especially read and follow the KIELER wiki!
  • Keys: To get a key to your office, please contact the secretary. (usually only for Master's student students but ask your advisor)
  • Account for Server: If you need access to a specific server for your work, you need to contact your system administrator. You may want an account on aeon and teach.