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  • KIELER Lightweight Diagrams
  • KIELER Infrastructure for Meta-Layout
    • Renamed LayoutDataService to LayoutMetaDataService and renamed ILayoutData to ILayoutMetaData in order to avoid confusion with the KLayoutData meta model and the respective interface.

    • Removed generic type argument from LayoutOptionData.
    • ILayoutConfig: renamed API method enrich() to getContextValue(..), renamed getValue(..) to getOptionValue(..), renamed setValue(..) to setOptionValue(..), renamed clearValues() to clearOptionValues(..) – see Configuring Automatic Layout for more details.

    • IDiagramLayoutManager does not inherit from IAdapterFactory anymore; adapter values are now accessed with layoutManager.getDiagramConfig().getContextValue(..)

    • Graphiti bridge: moved some methods from KimlGraphitiUtil to GraphitiDiagramLayoutManager in order to allow easier adaptation in subclasses. Furthermore, we now differentiate margins (spacing to visible part of a node) and insets (spacing to nested subgraph).

    • Made a design review of the de.cau.cs.kieler.core plugin and improved the API of some core classes and interfaces.


  • KIELER Lightweight Diagrams
  • KIELER Infrastructure for Meta-Layout
    • Made categorization of the Layout View more understandable.

    • Added a creation method for VolatileLayoutConfig that makes the far too complicated STATIC_CONFIG of layout managers unnecessary.

  • KIELER Layout Algorithms
    • KLay Layered now makes sure that labels of compound node ports placed on the inside of the compound node are not overlapped by nodes inside the compound node.
    • KLay Layered now supports controlling the spacing between and around ports through the new layout options LayoutOptions.PORT_SPACING and LayoutOptions.ADDITIONAL_PORT_SPACING.
    • KLay Layered now understands LayoutOptions.NO_LAYOUT, which can be set to exclude particular graph elements from automatic layout.
    • KLay Layered now understands a new programmatic option for edge thickness.
    • When in hierarchical layout mode, KLay Layered now properly places edge labels of cross-hierarchy edges.
    • When in hierarchical layout mode, KLay Layered can now compact cross-hierarchy edges as it can compact regular edges (Properties.MERGE_HIERARCHICAL_PORTS):
  • KGraph Text
    • The textual language for defining KGraphs now has a lot more defaults. Node and port labels are automatically extracted from the node's and port's ID. Nodes and ports also have a default size. This makes for shorter diagram descriptions.