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Spread Layout Algorithms for Great Glory

This project is about finding ways to connect the JGraph library to the KGraph format. This will allow applications using that library to make use of layout algorithms connected to KIML.

This page will over time be filled with documentation written by the project team. But first, here's some general information to get you started:

Project Team
  • Kannan Thambia (kth)
Project Goals

The following are our main goals for this project:

  • Investigate to what extend a generic interface between JGraph and KIML-based layout algorithms can be developed; build such an interface.
  • Investigate how layout options can be configured.
  • Build a demonstrator application or integrate layout algorithms into a popular open source application built on JGraph.
RepositoryJGraph Practical


Page Contents


Some Ideas...

Use this section to keep a schedule of milestones that you want to achieve, together with deadlines. This will help you to get work done on time, and it will help us to keep an overview of your project's status.

2013-05-09Review JGraph and perhaps also JGraph-based open source applications. Presentation in weekly meeting.



Some Ideas...

Collect information and ideas about JGraph in this section for quick reference. You might also use this section to compare the capabilities of JGraph and KGraph, and collect first ideas of how to solve any disparities.

Interface Design

Some Ideas...

Feel free to use this section to collect ideas about the design of your JGraph <-> KGraph interface.

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