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Related Publications:

  • Miro Spönemann, Hauke Fuhrmann, Reinhard von Hanxleden, and Petra Mutzel. Port constraints in hierarchical layout of data flow diagrams. In Proceedings of the 17th International Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD’09), volume 5849 of LNCS, pages 135–146, Springer, 2010. The original publication is available at (pdf / bib)
  • Lars Kristian Klauske, Christoph Daniel Schulze, Miro Spönemann, and Reinhard von Hanxleden. Improved layout for data flow diagrams with port constraints. In Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Diagrammatic Representation and Inference (DIAGRAMS’12), volume 7352 of LNAI, pages 65–79, Springer, 2012. The original publication is available at (pdfbib)

Related Theses:

  • Miro Spönemann, On the automatic layout of data flow diagrams, March 2009 (pdf)
  • Philipp Döhring, Algorithmen zur Layerzuweisung, September 2010 (pdf)
  • Christoph Daniel Schulze, Optimizing automatic layout for data flow diagrams, July 2011 (pdf)
  • Insa Fuhrmann, Layout of compound graphs, February 2012 (pdf)
  • John Julian Carstens, Node and label placement in a layered layout algorithm, September 2012 (pdf)